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The Instructor

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Ed Watters is a Platinum CSIP and was named the 2017 Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot Of The Year by Cirrus Aircraft.  He is dual certified in Avidyne and Perspective/+ and proficient with GNS, GTN, and R9/IFD avionics, S-TEC and DFC 90 autopilots, and other legacy systems. His personal aircraft is a SR22 with GNS430W/DFC 90/NGT 9000+/PMA450B.

A CPPP (COPA Pilot Proficiency Program) Flight and Simulator Instructor, he is also a Vision Center G6 Contract Factory Flight Instructor and a participating Cirrus Embark CSIP.

FAA Certificates and Ratings:

Airline Transport Pilot / Commercial Multi Engine / Seaplane /Glider   

Certified Flight Instructor / Instrument Flight Instructor

Advanced Ground Instructor / Instrument Ground Instructor


Training is offered at a client’s location (Eastern and Central U.S. only) and in Pinehurst, NC.

$650* per day includes flight, ground, and BATD simulator training. $350* per half day. Simulator training is available only in Pinehurst, NC.

*plus travel expenses if required.


My Cirrus Transition Training with Ed as my Factory Flight Instructor was fantastic! He has a deep understanding of Perspective+ avionics and his patient demeanor allowed me to learn how to manage my G6 SR22T in a variety of scenarios with great confidence. I so enjoyed my experience with Ed that I hired him as my instructor to complete my IFR rating. There are a lot of great Cirrus instructors out there but if you really want to learn to fly your plane well, he is the guy you want.

Soren B., Charlottesville, VA

I had 400 Cirrus hours when I went to Ed to finish my IFR training. His knowledge of avionics and systems allowed me pass my IFR check ride in 5 days! He's a go to guy for East Coast pilots, other instructors were taking my money and time trying to figure out a Cirrus while trying to train me. Training in Pinehurst was a bonus with its quaint village and pubs, and Ed was not only a great instructor, he was a gracious and professional host as well. Thanks for the super-star training!

Chris K., Virginia Beach, VA

Ed initially was my Embark Instructor when I purchased my SR22 and then focused his time on my training to help me achieve my goal of obtaining an instrument rating in a relatively short amount of time. He made me feel that I was his top priority. His training syllabus is well structured, intuitive, and it made my checkride feel like second nature. He has a deep knowledge of various types of avionics configurations as well and I highly recommend using him for your training needs. 

Ben B., Pilot Mountain, NC

For my instrument rating, I chose a national IFR training company to come to my home airport to train me, believing that would be the fastest and most economical way. For many reasons it turned out to be an expensive lesson on what not to do. Fortunately, I knew of Ed and he took the time to create a syllabus that allowed me to finish my training and pass my checkride. The hours we spent flying were some of the most educational regarding how to best fly with a glass cockpit. 

Dick H., Southern Pines, NC

I was pretty nervous picking up my new G6 in Knoxville having only recently obtained my PPL in a DA20. Shorty after takeoff on my initial flight a call came from approach asking for assistance to locate a possible downed aircraft and watching Ed coordinate that gave me the reassurance I was with the right person. When my IFR training stagnated he jumped in and his commitment was genuine, productive, and rewarding. There is no replacement for IFR training in IFR conditions and I was trained to the point that on my IFR checkride I was able to seamlessly execute a missed approach to an alternate missed approach hold. He helped establish a standard that I fly to today.

John H., Middle GA

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