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The Training Scenarios

Relief Map of North Carolina

North Carolina provides an ideal aviation training environment with year-round flyable weather, 110 airports with over 300 approaches, and the most diverse geography in the eastern U.S. with elevations from sea level to 6700 feet. Pinehurst is centrally located in the Sandhills of the Piedmont region and ILS, LOC BC, VOR, LP, LPV, LNAV, NDB, DME arc, and Precision Radar approaches are available within 50 miles of KSOP. While some of your training for a certificate or rating will be nearby we will incorporate these scenarios for a real-world flying experience:

Sllva, NC
Asheville, NC
The Smoky Mountains

The scenic Great Smoky Mountains dominate the western North Carolina region. Following non precision approaches, landings, and obstacle departure procedures at the mountain airports of Sylva (24A), Franklin (1A5), and Andrews (KRHP), the return trip will include lunch or dinner in vibrant and historic downtown Asheville (KAVL).

Ocracoke Island
The Outer Banks
Your flight to the Outer Banks will incorporate a practice approach into New Bern (KEWN) and then a diversion to the alternate, beautiful Ocracoke Island (W95). Following lunch on the island you will fly to First Flight (KFFA) to witness where aviation began, at the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills.
vision center.jpg
Charlotte Class B / Knoxville

Perform Arrival, Approach, and Departure Procedures at the 6th busiest airport in the U.S. - Charlotte International (KCLT). The highlight of your day though will be a visit and tour of Cirrus Aircraft's world class training center at McGhee Tyson Airport (KTYS)

Fort Bragg

A flight to Fayetteville (KFAY) will include an ASR Approach and a tour of their Tower and TRACON facility. If the winds are favorable you may even be able to log a LOC BC to Runway 22 just to say you did one once! Your return flight will give you the opportunity to perform a Precision Radar Approach at one of the several U.S Army or USMC bases in the area.

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